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There are many diseases that can affect the eyes

Unfortunately, many people are unaware of the number of diseases that affect the eyes - and result in possible vision loss.

Early detection and diagnosis are critical, and play a significant role in the success rate of treatment. A dilated eye exam each year; retinal photographs; visual fields; and the OCT are a few of the diagnostic modalities used in the detection and diagnosis of ocular disease. The doctors at Artisan Optics are experienced in detection and treatment of ocular disease.

Highlighted below are some of the most common eye diseases and conditions that are encountered by the doctors at Artisan Optics.

If you are interested in learning more about an eye disease that you do not see below, we invite you to look at a more comprehensive list here.


Every comprehensive eye exam at Artisan Optics screens for cataracts


Same-day emergency visits are available at Artisan Optics


Diabetics should be closely monitored by their eye care provider


Glaucoma generally has no symptoms in the early stages


Macular Degeneration: The Leading Cause of Vision Loss in People Over 50