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We take the guesswork out of buying new glasses. With thoughtful guidance and expert recommendations, we're here to help.

Walk-ins and outside prescriptions welcome.

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Personal Attention To Your Eyewear Style

Our philosophy of eyewear selection is based on the concept of a perfect pairing. The perfect pairing of eyewear is similar to the perfect pairing of patterns, colors, textures or foods. One element compliments another; together creating a wholeness that one cannot achieve without the other. We invite you to stop by Artisan Optics and allow us to show you a whole new way to shop for eyewear.

Perfectly pairing your personal style with eyewear frames that reflect your personality and fashion preferences. Our unique selection of eyewear means that we're sure to have what you've been looking for. From bold, fashion forward eyewear to the subdued minimalist look, and everything in between... we have them all.

Perfectly pairing the ideal lens design and lens material to enhance your prescription and improve visual clarity. We carefully take the precise measurements necessary to ensure accuracy during the lens manufacturing process, and your best vision possible.

Perfectly pairing your ideal prescription lenses with your perfect eyewear frame. Our team of expert opticians will carefully guide you in selecting eyewear frames that compliment your prescription as well as your face shape, skin tone and personality.

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A Better Way To Shop For Eyewear

At Artisan Optics we’ve changed the way people purchase eyewear, with a menu of shopping experiences that cater to personal preferences.

Shop At Your Leisure

Are you a spontaneous soul, preferring to drop in at a moment’s notice? No worries. You’ll enjoy our walk-ins welcome experience. Stop by, no appointment necessary, and browse our selection of amazing eyewear frames. At Artisan Optics we believe honest opinions and helpful advice are cornerstones to exceptional customer service. Our expert opticians are here to help, and always happy to answer any questions you may have. We take the work out of shopping for new glasses. Stop by and experience a new way to purchase eyewear.

Schedule a Free Personal Styling Consultation

Are you a someone with a busy schedule, who relies on an appointment calendar to get you through the day? Or perhaps someone who enjoys being pampered with personalized service? Either way, we’ve got you covered with our Personal Styling Appointments. Personal Styling Appointments are complimentary appointments scheduled with one of our expert opticians. During your Personal Styling Appointment we’ll help you select styles and colors that compliment your face shape and skin tone, share tips on how to choose the best lens design and material for your prescription, and offer real advice on how to choose your perfect pair of glasses. We’re talking eyewear you’ll love!

Join Us For A Trunk Show

Are you an inquisitive individual? Feel the need to explore all of the options? Then you’ll love the Trunks Shows at Artisan Optics. If you’ve not yet experienced one of our Trunk Shows, checkout our Trunk Show calendar and pencil us in. Our Trunk Shows are an immersion into the world of eyewear. Each Trunk Show is center stage for one of our frame lines. This is your chance to see the entire collection – every style in every color – hundreds of frames to choose from. Talk about options! You won’t be disappointed.

At Artisan Optics we believe there’s no reason to settle for eyewear that you feel ho hum about. Your glasses are one of the first things people notice – the first impression. Sadly, there are no “do overs” when it comes to first impressions. At Artisan Optics we can help you update and redefine your first impression – a first impression that won’t let you down.

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