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Donate Frames and Lenses

Please Donate Your Used Frames and Lenses

Eyewear DonationsDo you have glasses, sunglasses or prescription lenses that you no longer use? You may have put the frames in a drawer for safe keeping, thinking that one day you might want to reuse them. Like many of us, you may have just forgotten they were there. Or perhaps you held onto your old lenses because putting them in the trash seemed like a waste somehow. Well, we have a solution. Rather than toss out frames or lenses, why not donate them? At Artisan Optics we support efforts to provide frames and lenses to people here in the United States and the world community who cannot afford eyeglasses. We invite you to join us. It’s easy. Simply stop by Artisan Optics and donate your old frames or lenses to this worthwhile cause. If you don’t live nearby, pop them in the mail. We receive donations from across the United States…and appreciate receiving them.

Your act of kindness will change someone’s life. Thank you for making a difference and helping to make the world a kinder place.