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The name, Artisan Optics, is a reflection of our commitment to offer beautiful collections of quality eyewear, hand-made by artisans from around the world.

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Eyewear For When You Want To Look Your Best

Eyewear crafted using the highest quality titanium available, Scandinavian stainless steel, and European acetate with combinations of cotton and wood fiber.

We shun mass production and are committed to supporting independent design houses. This allows us to offer unique, quality eyewear that is made one piece at a time. Simply our name, Artisan Optics, tells of the products we offer and our commitment to quality in everything we do.

Artisan Optics salutes eyewear enthusiasts and those individuals who seek to escape the mundane and find greater enjoyment when wearing glasses. Dedicated to individuals who share our passion for discovering that perfect pair of glasses, and viewing eyewear as an extension of self. And to those who crave new styles, textures and color combinations in the ongoing quest of personal expression, we applaud you.

At Artisan Optics you will find an eclectic collection of eyewear, from minimalistic to delightfully colorful to the boldly dramatic…which means you’re sure to find what you’ve been looking for at Artisan Optics.

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