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Theo Eyewear


THEO began in 1989 when Wim Somers and Patrick Hoet, both opticians with their own stores, were tired of the generic, mainstream, boring glasses they were offering their customers. Together they launched THEO, an anagram of Hoet, with the concept to design and produce eyewear that would always be aesthetically different from anything else on the market. Eyewear designed to turn heads and leave lasting impressions. Today, THEO continues the tradition of producing memorable eyewear.

THEO is based in Antwerp, Belgium. A city recognized for its port history, and more recently, its avant-garde approach to fashion, art and culture – an ideal location for THEO. Designers from Belgium and throughout Europe bring their innovative designs to THEO. THEO also encourages young talent, and works with students at the prestigious Fashion Academy in Antwerp. As a result, technology, fashion, creativity and ingenuity merge harmoniously at THEO.

All THEO frames are produced in specialized factories; specifically selected to meet the high quality standards and design requirements of THEO that go well beyond ordinary eyewear. The eyewear artisans hand-craft and meticulously inspect every finished piece. Each frame produced is a reflection of their dedication to the craft and their true love of eyewear.

THEO eyewear calls its creations “glasses for human beings.” This quote reflects the company’s belief in emphasizing the identity of the people who wear their frames and accentuating the individual’s personality. THEO is modern frame technology, pushing the envelope between amazing and amusing.

You have an opportunity to make a first impression only once. Eyeglasses should share your personality, and invite interaction.

We invite you to stop by Artisan Optics and express yourself with the perfect pair of THEO glasses.

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