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Bevel Spectacles

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What is the most underrated cosmetic enhancement? Eyeglasses.

The founders of Bevel began the company with a commitment to make eyewear as essential to personal style and self-esteem as apparel or cosmetics. While wearing prescription lenses fills a need, it also brings attention to a primary asset: the face. At the core of Bevel is the belief that eyewear should enhance a person’s appearance and make them feel better about themselves. This belief is fundamental at Bevel, and is the reason colors are carefully crafted to complement skin tones, silhouettes are refined to flatter face shapes, and frames are designed to fit properly and maintain their form.

Bevel is one of the very few United States based high-end optical companies in existence today. Bevel manufacturers a relatively limited quantity of frames, so customers are assured a sense of individuality and exclusivity. Unlike mass produced eyewear, Bevel uses only high quality acetate produced in Japan that is less prone to distortion, reducing the need for adjustments. The Bevel titanium frames are made from the finest titanium available worldwide, and hand-crafted by one of the few artisan factories remaining in Japan.

In addition to being recognized for quality craftsmanship, Bevel is one of the few eyewear companies dedicated to producing petite fitting frames – perfect for both men and women with smaller faces and suited to the professional workplace. Bevel’s look is timeless and free of distracting logos. Proportions do not overwhelm, but rather create balance between the eyeglasses and the face. No need to wear children’s frames any longer. Grown-ups wear Bevel.

We invite you to stop by Artisan Optics and experience Bevel eyewear. You will quickly appreciate the quality and precise fit.

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