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What to some may sound like an Asian-style name was in fact derived from “Kita”, the common acronym for Kindertagesstatte, and inspired by the company’s first location – a former children’s day-care center in East Germany. While the brand has outgrown its day-care beginnings, production remains as true to its origins as ever. Every pair of glasses is still designed and produced in the latest Mykita Haus in a quiet residential area of Berlin’s Mitte district, and much of the company’s success is based on word-of-mouth.

At Mykita every department, from design to production to shipping, is housed under one roof. The end result is revolutionary, cutting-edge technology used to create lightweight, streamlined designs – making Mykita one of the world’s most recognizable and sought after brands.

Mykita’s first collection was inspired by the ancient art of Japanese origami. Choosing to use ultra-thin Scandanavian stainless steel, and work with the metal properties rather than use manufacturing techniques to overcome its limitations, Collection No 1 was born. Collection No 1 features frames cut from a 0.5mm sheet of stainless steel then bent and folded by hand, no welding or soldering, and a break through development in eyewear production.

Mykita eyewear is sleek and streamlined for a clean, no nonsense appearance. Mykita has established itself as a world leader of affordable luxury, precision engineering, and unsurpassed quality. Mykita is the go to brand for people who value German engineering, quality, and low-fuss, easy to wear styling.

We invite you to stop by Artisan Optics and experience Mykita’s German engineering for yourself.

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