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Digital Progressive Lenses

Progressive lenses, also known as progressive addition lenses or no-line bifocals, allow the wearer to achieve clear vision at all distances during typical daily activities. Progressive lenses have an area dedicated to distance, another to intermediate distances (conversation, computer, etc) and another to reading. This allows the wearer to transition between tasks without taking their glasses on and off. Progressive lenses offer tremendous convenience in one, general purpose lens – and are the #1 choice for most people who wear a multi-focal lens.

Even though progressive lenses are designed to do so much for the wearer, many people know of someone who could not “get used to” their progressive lenses. The primary reasons for difficulty with progressive lenses can be attributed to: Inferior lens technology, poor frame selection and improper measurements when fitting the progressive lens. There are many progressive lenses on the market today. Some progressive lenses utilize technology that is now 20+ years old, while others use lens designs that are more difficult to adapt to but offer a budget price point. Even though saving a few dollars initially may sound tempting, the savings are quickly forgotten with the day to day struggles of using a poorly performing lens – sometimes referred to as not “getting used to” progressive lenses.

At Artisan Optics we want you to love your progressive lenses! That’s why we use the latest in digital lens technology, have a large selection of progressive-friendly eyewear, and trained opticians who have the knowledge and experience to assist you with: proper frame selection and fit, the specifics of lens performance, and then recommend the frame and progressive lens combination that’s best for you.

Digital Progressive Lenses by Carl Zeiss

Any lens that isn’t custom-made for you is a compromise which affects your vision. Unlike ordinary, mass-produced progressive lenses, Carl Zeiss Individual 2 progressive lenses are tailor-made to provide the optimal balance of distance, intermediate and reading vision.

Carl Zeiss Individual 2 progressive lenses are more advanced than other “free form” or “digital” lenses. Individual 2 progressive lenses are made one pair at a time and refined with microscopic precision to deliver maximum clarity, making them superior to other progressive lenses. Production calculations are based on the prescription, along with several additional measurements, and specific data pertaining to the frame fit. The Zeiss Individual 2 progressive lenses are manufactured up to six times more accurately than ordinary progressive lenses, and deliver up to 50% wider viewing area with increased clarity.

Ordinary, mass-produced progressive lenses cannot be customized to optimize all of the unique aspects of your prescription or the way your eyes work together. This results in a reduced reading area, difficulty working on the computer and restricted binocular vision which contributes to eye fatigue, reduced quality of vision, headaches, neck pain, and more.

Using sophisticated head-tracking technology, Zeiss measured the viewing geometry and ergonomic behavior of over 14,000 progressive lens wearers. Carl Zeiss engineers used this data to more closely align viewing zones to the wearer preferences established by the research.

The result was patented technology that delivers:

  • Point by point optimization over 100’s of points on the lens.
  • Viewing zones aligned to wearer preferences
  • Near zone aligned to match average range of eye rotations during near vision work
  • Engineered for smooth transition from distance, to mid-range, to reading
  • Utilizes Horizontal Symmetry (exclusive to Zeiss)

When it comes to progressive lenses quality does matter, and so does the technician fitting the lens. This is not the place to skimp on quality or allow someone with limited experience to assist you. When it comes to your vision, don’t settle for less than Carl Zeiss lenses from Artisan Optics.