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Artisan Optics | Eye-Catching Glasses & Quality Eye Care in Boise

Artisan Optics prides itself on offering high-quality comprehensive eye exams in the broader Treasure Valley area, including Boise, Meridian, and Eagle. We've designed our eye exams to screen for diseases and common eye conditions like computer vision syndrome, dry eye, and more.

Our eye doctors are experienced and have the necessary training to care for patients seeking help with a second opinion, surgical consultations, contact lens fittings, and complex vision issues, so you can trust that you're in good hands! You'll also find a variety of eyewear that's difficult to find anywhere else, including lenses with performance technology.

Eye Exams & Designer Glasses in Boise

If you're new to town or looking for a new eye doctor - we invite you to experience the Artisan Optics difference.

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Extraordinary Eyewear

Classic and stylish eyewear from around the world that makes you feel and look great.


Our Boise Eye Care Services

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3 Things That Make Artisan Optics Unique

Our doctors are dedicated to providing the highest quality eye care in Idaho. Their dedication shows in their experience and advanced training.


At Artisan Optics, we make sure that we have the most up-to-date diagnostic technology so we can take the best care of your eyes.

Locally owned, Artisan Optics searches the world over to bring the largest, most diverse assortment of eyewear to the Treasure Valley.


5 Stars From Our Patients
A very knowledgeable business,they treat you with respect and my new eye doctor was very knowledgeable and professional
3 days ago
- Gayle D.
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Featured Designer Eyewear

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Our Optometrist Specializes in:

At our practice in Boise, Idaho, our optometrists stay on top of the latest advances in medicine and technology. This means that our patients benefit from the most accurate diagnoses and effective treatments for conditions such as dry eye and other common eye conditions that show few symptoms early on but result in vision loss over time.

Early detection is key, so make sure you visit our highly qualified and skilled eye doctors for regular comprehensive eye health exams. They’ll also help you keep your eyeglass and contact lens prescriptions up to date.

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