Gas permeable lenses, also called rigid gas permeables (RGPs) or hard contact lenses, are a corneal contact lens design that have been around for decades. These time-tested lenses remain popular among specialty contact lens specialists because of the wide range of prescriptions they are able to accommodate and the clear vision made possible with the use of these lenses. Corneal gas permable lenses are primarily used for patients with mild corneal disease (such as keratoconus) and high amounts of refractive error; astigmatism, farsightedness, or nearsightedness to provide clearer vision than soft contact lenses are able to provide.


DID YOU KNOW? Not all doctors fit gas permeable contact lenses


Because gas permeable lenses are a specialty type of contact lens used in very specific clinical situations, not all eye care providers prescribe gas permeable contact lenses. The fit of a gas permeable contact lens is extremely important, more so than with a soft contact lens. The fit of your contact will affect vision and, more importantly, the health of your eye. It is important to choose an eye doctor who has advanced training, experience with gas permeable contact lenses, and the technology to properly fit your gas permeable lens. When fit properly, gas permeable contact lenses are extremely safe, comfortable and provide a number of benefits for the patient. 

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