Learn About Retinal Photography


Retinal PhotographyRetinal photography is a non-invasive procedure used for early detection and disease management of retinal problems and diseases such as those associated with glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetes, hypertensive retinopathy and optic nerve disorders.

Retinal photographs, also referred to as fundus photos, are pictures of the back of your eye; pictures of the optic nerve, vitreous, macula, retina and its blood vessels.  The photographs are used for comparison, documentation, to serve as a base-line to monitor disease progression and to diagnose a variety of eye conditions and diseases.

The detailed digital images are necessary to provide early diagnosis of many vision threatening eye diseases.  If the disease is diagnosed in its early stages, treatment can begin and this increases the probability of successful treatment.  This is important to slow or reduce potential vision loss.  With many eye diseases vision loss is permanent.

This test is especially important for people with a history of high blood pressure, diabetes, retinal diseases, flashing lights, floaters, headaches or a strong eyeglass prescription.

At Artisan Optics we use a fundus camera system from Carl Zeiss, which provides highly accurate Zeiss optics with an advanced digital sensor.  The Zeiss telecentric optics provide the highest level of optical purity, image accuracy, and  picture quality available today - which is why we depend on the Carl Zeiss fundus camera to help us care for our patients.

Retinal Photo Image

Retinal Photo Image