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What is Phyctenulosis?

Bacteria at the edge of the eyelids allow toxins to get into the tears and irritate the eyes causing Phyctenulosis. Phyctenulosis is a nodular inflammation of the cornea that occurs as an allergic response to these toxins. Typically Phyctenulosis is a recurring condition.


What causes Phyctenulosis?

Phyctenulosis has been associated with systemic diseases such as:Phyctenulosis

  • Behcet's disease
  • HIV
  • Chlamydia
  • tuberculosis
  • rosacea
  • interstitial parasites

Symptoms of Sterile Corneal Infiltrates:

  • photophobia (light sensitivity)
  • tearing, watery eyes
  • foreign body sensation (something in the eye)
  • itching, burning sensation
  • redness of the eye(s)

Treatment of Sterile Corneal Infiltrates:

  • eyelid hygiene
  • topical antibiotics
  • topical steroids
  • lubricating drops or ointments