Dr. Ryan C. Johnson, residency-trained in neuro-optometry, binocular vision, and vision therapy


A native of Boise, Dr. Johnson graduated from Boise State University with a bachelor's of science in kinesiology. Dr. Johnson graduated from Southern California College of Optometry at Marshall B Ketchum University before pursuing a residency in binocular vision, vision therapy, and neuro-optometry at the University of California, Berkeley.
Dr. Johnson is one of a select few optometrists in Idaho to become a Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry. The American Academy of Optometry is an organization committed to the art and science of vision care. The letters 'FAAO' (Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry) after an optometrist's name signifies that the doctor has met the rigorous qualifications for Fellowship and has been evaluated against the highest standards of professional competence (visit www.aaopt.org for more information). Fellowship with the American Academy of Optometry demonstrates a commitment of evidence-based practice and a commitment to lifelong learning for the advancement of patient care. This is why Fellows of the American Academy of Optometry have continued education requirements beyond the minimum requirement of the state's board of optometry.
Dr. Johnson is Idaho's first and only residency-trained optometrist in the areas of neuro-optometry, binocular vision and vision therapy. During his residency at the University of California, Berkeley, Dr. Johnson managed a variety of patients with binocular vision dysfunction (eye teaming difficulties), visual perceptual deficits, and visual complications related to acquired brain injury; traumatic brain injury, post-stroke, concussions, and several other neurological conditions. With his residency training, Dr. Johnson's clinical experience and expertise is in the areas of strabismus, amblyopia, binocular vision dysfunction, acquired brain injury, vision therapy, vision rehabilitation and the visual system as it relates to brain function.  

Dr. Johnson also combines his knowledge of exercise science from his undergraduate work with his understanding of the visual system to provide sports vision training to enhance visual performance for athletes of all ability levels - bringing vision rehabilitation and sports vision training to Idaho.

During his training at the Southern California College of Optometry at Marshall B Ketchum University, Dr. Johnson completed several internships in the areas of vision therapy, pediatrics, primary care, ocular disease, low vision rehabilitation and contact lenses.

  • During his internship at the Northwest Tucson VA Hospital, Dr. Johnson managed patients with a variety of ocular and systemic diseases.  He routinely managed patients with diseases such as glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and macular degeneration.  He also provided acute care for eye infections and minor eye emergencies.
  • During his internship at a vision therapy practice in Denver, Dr. Johnson performed vision therapy evaluations and progress checks in addition to administering individual vision therapy sessions.  He also performed developmental eye exams on infants, toddlers, and children. 
  • During his internship at the Tucson VA Hospital, Dr. Johnson managed patients with a variety of ocular diseases.  Additionally, he treated patients with prosthetic eyes and specialty contact lenses necessary to correct vision in patients with a history of eye injury.  He also worked with visually impaired veterans to manage their eye disease and prescribe low vision devices.  Dr. Johnson was also fortunate to work with patients who had suffered blast injuries and mild traumatic brain injuries.  He served as a member of a multidisciplinary team to provide vision therapy and rehabilitation for these veterans. 

Professional Involvement

Dr. Johnson has lectured on a variety of binocular vision and neuro-optometric topics.  He has presented at national optometric meetings, local continuing education meetings, as well as groups of parents, teachers, therapists, and coaches here in the Boise area.  His presentations have included topics such as the following:

  • At the American Academy of Optometry, Dr. Johnson presented on the topic of visual field disturbances and hemi-spatial neglect syndrome following a stroke.  He discussed the visual consequences of a stroke, the effects on the visual field (the extent of side vision) and the use of vision therapy to regain the ability to perform daily tasks.
  • At the Palo Alto VA Hospital, Dr. Johnson presented of gaze-evoked nystagmus in cases of pituitary adenoma removal.  Nystagmus, or repetitive jumping eye movements, can be present in patients with underlying neurologic trauma or changes.
  • At the UC Berkeley Residents Day Forum, Dr. Johnson provided a continuing education lecture for optometrists on the topic of Lyme Disease.  During this lecture he discussed the effects of neurological Lyme Disease on vision, the visual system, and the brain.


Dr. Johnson is a member of:

  • The American Academy of Optometry (AAO). 
  • The American Optometric Association (AOA)
  • The AOA Vision Rehabilitation Section
  • The AOA Sports Vision SectionDr. Ryan Johnson official eye doctor of the Idaho Steelheads hockey team
  • Idaho Optometric Physicians

Dr. Johnson is the official eye doctor of the Idaho Steelheads


Dr. Johnson serves as clinical director at Advanced Vision Therapy Center.


Appointments with Dr. Johnson
Dr. Johnson is currently accepting new patients. No referral necessary. In-network with most insurances.


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“I was born and raised in Boise and have always enjoyed giving back to the community I grew up in.  That’s how I was raised.  I knew I had to leave Idaho to pursue a degree in optometry and a residency in binocular vision, neuro-optometry, and vision therapy, but my goal was always to specialize in an area of care that wasn’t being offered in the Treasure Valley.  I wanted to come back home and offer treatment options that hadn’t been available before, elevating the level of eye care in Idaho.  For me this is a way for me to give back to the community that means so much to me, and for that I am very excited.”



“Many eye doctors evaluate the eyes one at a time, but they often overlook the importance of how the two eyes interact and the relationship between the eyes and the rest of the body. Binocular vision, or eye teaming, can tell you a great deal about why a child is struggling in school, why someone is seeing double, or may be the first sign of an underlying systemic problem.  I enjoy working with other optometrist as well as professionals outside of optometry and ophthalmology to connect the dots and help discover the underlying cause of vision problems and how to treat them.”



“I enjoy seeing patients who know they have difficulties with binocular vision function, using both eyes together, but other doctors have not been able to treat the problem.  In my experience patients who know they have a vision problem are relieved when I can help explain the causes of their vision problems as well as prescribe treatment to relieve the symptoms.  It is always exciting when a patient puts on a pair of glasses and stops seeing double for the first time in months, or completes a therapy program and can read for the first time following a stroke.”

Accepting new patients. No referral necessary. In-network with most insurances.


Schedule your appointment with Dr. Ryan C. Johnson or call us at 208.377.8899.