Dr. Jill A. Kronberg, residency-trained in pediatrics and primary care




Dr. Kronberg grew up in Wyoming before attending the University of Northern Colorado where she received a bachelor's of science in chemistry. Dr. Kronberg graduated from Southern California College of Optometry at Marshall B. Ketchum University before pursuing a residency in pediatrics and primary care at the University of California, Berkeley. She has also received The Corrine Engwall Award for clinical excellence in infant, toddler, and children's eyecare.

Dr. Kronberg is one of a select few optometrists in Idaho to become a Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry. The American Academy of Optometry is an organization committed to the art and science of vision care. The letters 'FAAO' (Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry) after an optometrist's name signifies that the doctor has met the rigorous qualifications for Fellowship and has been evaluated against the highest standards of professional competence (visit www.aaopt.org for more information). Fellowship with the American Academy of Optometry demonstrates a commitment of evidence-based practice and a commitment to lifelong learning for the advancement of patient care. This is why Fellows of the American Academy of Optometry have continued education requirements beyond the minimum requirement of the state's board of optometry.



Dr. Kronberg completed her residency in pediatrics and primary care at the University of California, Berkeley; making her the first and only residency-trained pediatric optometrist in Idaho.  During her residency, Dr. Kronberg received specialized training in vision care for infants, toddlers, young children, and those with special needs.  Her level of training and experience bring a new level of developmental pediatric vision care to Idaho. Her areas of expertise include infant and toddler vision development, amblyopia, strabismus, and the specific visual conditions of the pediatric population - including those with special needs.



During her training at the Southern California College of Optometry at Marshall B Ketchum, Dr. Kronberg completed several internships in the areas of pediatrics, primary care, ocular disease, and contact lenses.

  • During her internship at the Salt Lake City VA Hospital, Dr. Kronberg managed complex cases of ocular disease and performed specialty contact lens fits.    Many of her contact lens fitting were on patients with keratoconus and other diseases of the cornea as well as patients who had suffered eye injuries.
  • During her internship at Artisan Optics, Dr. Kronberg provided care for infants, toddlers, and young children.  She also managed LASIK patients in a co-management setting and worked closely with Artisan Optics' LASIK surgeon.
  • During her internship at the Sierra Vista VA Hospital, Dr. Kronberg managed patients with low vision and a wide variety of eye diseases.  For many of her patients, Dr. Kronberg managed the ocular effects of their systemic disease (such as diabetes).



Professional Involvement

Dr. Kronberg speaks nationally on pediatric vision care, conditions specific to the pediatric population, and eyecare for those with special needs.  In addition to speaking with parent groups, educators, occupational & speech therapists, and many others, she has also presented lectures at both local and national optometry meetings.

  • At the American Academy of Optometry, Dr. Kronberg gave a presentation on Norrie's Disease (a vision threatening condition in the pediatric population) to a group of optometrists from across the country.
  • At the San Francisco VA Hospital, Dr. Kronberg lectured on Cortical Visual Impairment and the effects that this has on the development and learning of children.
  • At the UC Berkeley Residents Forum, Dr. Kronberg provided a continuing education course to optometrists on the topic of esotropia in the pediatric population.
  • During her time at UC Berkeley, Dr. Kronberg was involved with an ongoing research project that examined social interactions of infants with severl visual impairments as compared to those with normally developed sight.

Dr. Kronberg is a member of the American Optometric Association, Idaho Optometric Physicians and a fellow of the American Academy of Optometry (FAAO).


Appointments with Dr. Kronberg

Dr. Kronberg is currently accepting new patients of all ages. No referral necessary. In-network with most insurances.


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Accepting New Patients | No Referral Necessary | In-Network With Most Insurances


“Kids are not just little adults, even if they act like it at times.  A child’s eyes and visual system are developing each and every year and they deserve specialized vision care to ensure that their vision is developing properly.  I believe that every pediatric eye exam should assess:

  • How clearly the child sees in the distance
  • How clearly the child sees at near
  • Refractive error and if a prescription is needed
  • Color vision
  • Contrast sensitivity
  • Pupil function
  • Fusion status
  • Stereopsis (3D vision)
  • Eye alignment (presence of a strabismus or eye turn)
  • Eye movements (tracking)
  • Accommodation (eye focusing)
  • Vergences (eye teaming)
  • Visual perceptual abilities (how the child interprets visual information to learn)
  • Eye health (to determine if any vision-threatening conditions are present)

With my residency training, I can assess all of these skills for children of all ages.  I use age-appropriate tests that allow me to examine kids who do not know their alphabet, numbers, or even those who have not yet said their first word.”



“One of my areas of expertise is treating patients with special needs.  I am very passionate about this patient population and I know that every interaction is sure to bring a smile to my face and the patient’s.  Whether it is Down syndrome, autism spectrum disorder, cerebral palsy, or another yet to be diagnosed syndrome, these patients’ visual system is often affected.  I often see high prescriptions, amblyopia, strabismus, accommodative dysfunction, binocular vision dysfunction, and cortical visual impairment that have gone untreated until I see the child.  I know how much of an impact treatment can have for these children, but I don’t think it stops there; I also believe in advocating for the child.  As a pediatric optometrist, I communicate the child’s specific visual needs to the school so that the classroom environment can be modified for success.  Many of these children are very capable of being happy and successful at school if the teachers and administrators understand how they are able to use their vision. I believe my role as their eye care provider is to communicate these needs to the school.”



“Growing up in Wyoming, I always have experienced a strong sense of community.  One of the things I enjoy about Boise is that it has that same feel.  I have joined a great Rotary Club and met many people who share my passion for giving back to the community.  Whether it is through church or volunteering with other organizations, I really enjoy being a part of the Boise community.”


Schedule your appointment with Dr. Kronberg or call us at 208.377.8899.