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The following are the results from a recent survey on the experiences of U.S. adults ages 21 and older,who have had a LASIK procedure within the past 5 years.



LASIK Improves One's LifeWoman with a tennis racquet

  • 94% of patients agree that LASIK improved their lives.
  • 40% of patients have noticed an improvement in their social lives.
  • 40% of patients cite the convenience of not having to worry about caring for their eyewear as one of their top three motivating factors in their decison.
  • 35% of  patients belive that LASIK has improved their worklife.
  • 90% of LASIK patients are satisfied with its effects on their vision.
  • 4 out of 5 patients (80%) feel much happier since having the procedure.

Patients have Confidence in the Procedure

  • 73% of patients felt knowledgeable or very knowledgeable about LASIK before having the procedure.
  • 71% of patients thought about having LASIK for a year or more before having it performed - typically having it within 2 years of first considering it.
  • 96% of patients agree that LASIK is a safe procedure.
  • 97% of patients believe that LASIK is an effective procedure.
  • 86% of patients had someone recommend the procedure to them.
  • 93% say they would recommend LASIK to others.

LASIK and Safety

  • 79% of patients feel safer with corrected vision.
  • 63% say they feel more confident when they drive.

Participation in Sports

  • More than 50% of LASIK patients say their ability to participate in sports and excercise was a top factor in motivating their decision to have LASIK.
  • 74% of LASIK patients agree that they feel better able to participate in sports or fitness activities.
  • Among those who are active in sports, 84% say they are better able to participate in sports post-surgery.
  • Almost half of patients who are active in sports (47%) find that a benefit to having had LASIK is that they now have the freedom to play any sport they would like.


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