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What is Hyphema?
Hyphema is the presence of blood, a blood clot, or both in the anterior chamber of the eye. It appears as red or black in the area between the cornea and the iris in the eye. Typically the blood settles to the bottom of the anterior chamber. A total hyphema can also occur, where the entire anterior chamber is filled with blood.
What causes Hyphema?
Hyphema is most commonly due to blunt trauma to the eye. However, certain medical conditions or medication use can also put a person at higher risk for idiopathic hyphema, or hyphema that occurs spontaneously with no direct trauma to the eye

Symptoms of Hyphema
Pain and blurred vision are the two most common symptoms of hyphema. Other symptoms and signs may occur along with hyphema, such as an increase in intraocular pressure or other inflammation in the eye.


Treatment of Hyphema

Bed rest with the head elevated is typically recommended in the treatment of hyphema. If the hyphema has occurred spontaneously, a complete work-up to determine the cause or rule out certain blood disorders. In cases where there is inflammation in the eye or an increase in intraocular pressure, eye drops may be necessary to treat those symptoms specifically.