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Lens Induced Glaucoma

What is Lens Induced Glaucoma?
Lens-induced glaucoma is a form of secondary glaucoma where there is damage to the optic nerve from leakage of lens material from an intact lens into the drainage system of the eye. Typically the leakage of lens material is from a very dense or mature cataract. Like other types of glaucoma, if left untreated this can cause a loss of peripheral vision.

What causes Lens Induced Glaucoma?
The leakage of lens material from an intact lens can get into the drainage system of the eye, which leads to obstruction of outflow of the normal aqueous liquid inside the eye. This can cause a build-up of aqueous inside the eye, leading to a rapid increase in eye pressure and damage to the optic nerve.


Symptoms of Lens Induced Glaucoma:

Symptoms of lens-induced glaucoma include pain in one eye, decreased vision, tearing, and light sensitivity.


Treatment of Lens Induced Glaucoma:

The immediate goal of treatment is to reduce the pressure inside the eye, and any inflammation that may also be present. This is typically done with a combination of eye drops and oral medications. The cataract should also be removed promptly.