Serengeti Lens Technology

A commitment to advanced technology

When glass meets hydrogen firing, it becomes much more than just a lens.  It becomes the most opticaly advanced glass lens available. 

By using a hydrogen furnace that reaches and maintains extremely high temperatures, Serengeti is able to embed the glass with photochromic technology and activate Spectral Control properties, locking them in throughout the life of the lens.  This process also enables Serengeti to create its exclusive lens hues.  The Drivers lens enhances colors and contrast while on the road.  Perfect for bright light conditions, the 55nm lensmanages yellow and green light transmissions to cool and relax the eyes.

As pioneers of photochromic technology, Serengeti incorporates this into all of their lenses.  Serengeti also offers polarized options and Spectral Control, a technology that enables high-definition contrast and color enhancment.  And by partnering with Carl Zeiss Vision, Serengeti is also able to offer the superior quality of Serengeti through its patented prescription program.