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Designer sunglasses at Artisan Optics in Boise, Idaho

Sunny skies are back...and so is sunglass season!

Look your best this summer with a new pair of sunglasses in a flattering shape, featuring off one of this season's top 10 colors, and eye protecting polarized lenses.

This season's color palette reflects lively colors, yet sophisticated - incorporating pops of vibrant color, balanced with dark translucent or neutral shades.  For women, this season features collections geared to women of all ages who are self-confident, trendy, fun and fashionable.

The green scene

Green soars in popularity this season, with three shades of the color making the top 10 list.  Vibrant green is "the quintessential spring hue" while Dark Citron provides a calm, sophisticated feel.  Rounding out the greens is Lucite Green, which imparts a clean, subtle shimmer.

Blue and purple renewed

Falls' deep blues and purples have lightened up for this season.  Palace Blue, a navy-like shade, pairs well with many of this season's favorite colors.  Meanwhile, Lavender adds a touch of summer with its gentle hue.


Pink and red with a twist.

Salmon Rose, a soft orangey-pink, is a great, complexion-flattering shade to take wearers right into summer. 

This season's Fuchsia Red conveys the color's trademark sensuality, but adds a touch of sophistication with its cool, blue undertones.  The shade will be popular not only in apparel, but also lipstick and nail polish.


Sunshiny yellows.

Bright and happy Super Lemon adds spunk to the season's palatte.  The color yellow exemplifies the warmth and nurturing quality of the sun, properties we as humans are naturally drawn to.

In addition, Super Lemon's yellow cousin, Mimosa is the official color of 2009.  Mimosa also speaks to enlightenment, as it is a hue that sparks imagination and innovation.  Mimosa coordinates well with many other colors and will be popular in women's accessories.

Pastel-tinged neutrals.

In a change from the usual beiges and grays, this season's neutrals add a color twist with subtle undertones.

Rose Dust is a rosy beige that adds dimension to the tried-and-true neutral.  Similarly, Slate Gray serves up blue-green undertones while still pairing beautifully with the other top colors of the season.

Stop by either Artisan Optics location today and discover a new you behind a fabulous new pair of shades.