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Sport Sunglasses


Surveys show that approximately 80-percent of golfers do not wear eye protection on the golf course. Sunglasses are important for golfers, who experience UV-related eye diseases twice as often as the general population. But many sunglasses make it more difficult to hit good shots, especially on the greens. That’s why it is so important for golfers to choose the correct lens color.

sport sunglasses

Watch out for the sun
Ultraviolet light from the sun, even in winter, is a danger in all outdoor sports. Golfers are especially susceptible to UV damage due to the hours spent on the golf course. UV light contributes to diseases such as cataracts and tumors that affect parts of the eye. Golfers can also get “sunburn” on their eyes (called keratitis). Keratitis is very painful, and it can cause long-term damage to the retina.

Choose golf eyewear carefully
Look for the following features:

  • Sunglasses should provide protection from ultraviolet radiation. Sunglasses should provide 100% UVA and UVB protection.
  • The recommended lens material is a plastic or polycarbonate lens, which make the sunglasses lighter in weight than a glass lens.
  • Lenses come in various colors. Its important to choose a lens color that will enhance contrast and depth perception.
  • Lenses should be good quality. Prescription grade (sometimes referred to as ophthalmic grade) lenses are the best because they are distortion free.
  • Frames should be lightweight.
  • Wrap around, prescription lenses are available from Serengeti. Serengeti has perfected this technology so there’s no distortion in your vision.

Choose the best
The lens preferred by professional golfers is a photochromatic, polarized lens. The photochromatic properties allow the lens to lighten and darken, providing three shades of sunglass lenses in one! The polarization properties means glare will be significantly reduced, and allow your eyes to be relaxed and less strained. So you can concentrate on your game!

Serengeti is also perfect for driving, because it is the only photochromatic lens that will lighten and darken behind the windshield of a car.