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Cutler and Gross


with the finest craftsmanship


Cutler and Gross combines the finest craftsmanship with irrefutably cool style.

Founded in 1969 by Graham Cutler and Tony Gross, British luxury eyewear brand Cutler and Gross is recognized world-wide as the bastions of iconic eyewear. Since its establishment in fashion's halcyon days, the brand's signature creativity has been applied to sunglasses and optical frames with their trademark numbered designs and the absence of an ostentatious logo.

In 1971, Graham Cutler and Tony Gross opened their first store in Knightsbridge, London, offering bespoke eyewear handcrafted on the first floor. Over the next decade the founders continued to design and handcraft eyewear for patrons visiting their store. It became increasingly difficult to keep up with demand, and in 1982 designer Marie Wilkinson joined Cutler and Gross working alongside the company's founders. Marie has been at the heart of the Cutler and Gross brand for over 30 years, and today leads the creative team.

From its humble beginnings, Cutler and Gross has never lost sight of the importance of the artisanal creation of each pair of glasses...the essence of the brand. Each frame takes four to six weeks to produce at the Cutler and Gross dedicated facility. The production process consists of 42 tailored steps, each one completed by hand by Cutler and Gross craftsman.

Its hard to believe that for decades, Graham Cutler and Tony Gross relied, in part, upon the reputation of their eyewear being dripped and whispered within style and fashion circles. Today Cutler and Gross eyewear graces many of the most recognizable faces in the worlds of art, design, music and film.

As Graham Cutler once said “The Cutler and Gross customer has always been an individual. Eccentric maybe, but a rare breed, certainly.”

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