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Gold and Wood eyewear at Artisan OpticsTime is a luxury

At the GOLD & WOOD workshop, passion and time drive the hands of the artisans who craft each component, one by one, in the purest tradition of exclusive eyewear. Because everything here is handmade, it takes three days to craft a single pair of temples of such remarkable quality. Such workmanship is guaranteed to excite the enthusiasm of wearers, connoisseurs and collectors everywhere.

The GOLD & WOOD collection will seduce distinguished men and women of the world, and all those who know about refined and noble materials and appreciate comfort.

Material sophistication

The woods used are uniquely precious woods originating from authorized and monitored use.  The variety is numerous:  tropical African ebony, bubinga from Cameroon or the Gabon, rose wood, violet and amaranth wood from Brazil or Guyana, tanganika from Aftrica or bolivar from Canada.  The genuine buffalo horn is  carved from the found horns of Asian water buffalo and Asian cattle, providing incomparable quality.  

The jewelry collection is a collection of exceptional pieces of solid allied gold, precious stones, noble woods and geuine horn in the purest tradition of master jewelers.  GOLD & WOOD has produced the epitome of luxury in eyewear with this collection made of solid 18 carat white or yellow gold.  The ultimate luxury, incorporated by quality and the sense of perfection that is the GOLD & WOOD signature.

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