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Transition Lenses

Carl Zeiss Vision has combined precision optics with the latest generation in self-tinting, transition (photochromic) lens technology. ZEISS PhotoFusion lenses utilize a patented chemistry that delivers faster reaction speeds, greater protection from harmful radiation, and longer-lasting performance.

PhotoFusion by ZEISS is a self-tinting (photochromic) lens developed by Carl Zeiss Vision. Benefits of PhotoFusion lenses include:

  • 100 percent UV protection
  • Excellent tint performance over time
  • Color consistency through different light conditions
  • Available with premium ZEISS customized and standard ZEISS lenses

Zeiss PhotoFusion Lenses

ZEISS PhotoFusion lenses are ideal for individuals interested in transition (photochromic) lenses with superior performance. Wearing regular clear lenses, the glare of the sun can cause squinting, eyestrain and fatigue – making it difficult to see clearly in bright light. Through advanced technology, PhotoFusion lenses provide the benefits of clear lenses indoors and at night, combined with the distinct advantages of sunglasses outdoors.

Made in Germany, the ZEISS PhotoFusion lenses are available in mid-index and high-index lens materials. ZEISS PhotoFusion lenses darken up to 20 percent faster and lighten indoors up to twice as fast as traditional transition lenses.

How do Zeiss PhotoFusion lenses work?

ZEISS PhotoFusion lenses rely on a patented photochromic technology that reacts to the ultraviolet radiation in sunlight. This adjusts the tint of the lens automatically based upon ambient light levels. Exposure to excessive light initiates a photochemical reaction that alters the configuration of the photochromic molecules in PhotoFusion lenses. In this new configuration, the molecules absorb visible light, causing the lens to darken. When the lenses are removed from sunlight, the photochromic molecules return to their original configuration, causing the lens to fade back to a clear state.

Do Zeiss PhotoFusion lenses work in the car?

Much of the UV radiation that activates photochromic, self-tinting lenses is absorbed by car windshields. Fortunately, ZEISS PhotoFusion lenses retain more of their self-tinting performance inside automobiles than other types of transition (photochromic) lenses. Nevertheless, some wearers may prefer a dedicated pair of sunglasses for extended periods of driving.

Are Zeiss PhotoFusion lenses recommended for children?

Studies have shown that a person’s lifetime exposure to sunlight and UV radiation has been associated with cataracts later in life. That’s why most eye doctors recommend ZEISS PhotoFusion lenses for all children’s eyewear.