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Digital Single Vision Lenses

Digital lenses are sometimes referred to as free-form, wavefront or high-definition lenses. These terms are used to describe how the lenses are manufactured – one lens at a time, to the wearer’s exact prescription. Digital lenses provide improved clarity and sharper vision, improved night and low-light vision, and thinner & flatter lenses for improved cosmetic appearance.

If you have every worn a pair of glasses and thought that your vision should be clearer, it is time for digital lenses. Don’t use outdated technology with a traditional lens. The superior lens technology of digital lenses provides clearer vision, minimized peripheral distortion (so your vision does not become blurry when you look to the sides), and improved comfort.

How are digital lenses different from conventional, traditional eyeglass lenses?

Conventional lenses, which are mass produced, are designed and manufactured using “average” prescription powers. As a result, the prescription lenses inherently have power errors in the lenses – most noticeably in the peripheral vision. It is not uncommon for people wearing conventional lenses to experience distorted vision or lack of clarity, or have difficulty driving at night.

Digital lenses are not mass produced. Instead they are tailored made, one lens at a time, for each individual wearer’s prescription – precision engineering without compromise for increased visual clarity over the entire lens area, visual clarity conventional lenses cannot provide.

Many brands of digital lenses are available today. Choosing the best digital lens is important. Digital, free-form lenses refers to the reduction of higher-order aberrations during the manufacturing process, which can produce prescription powers in increments of 0.01 diopters compared to 0.25 diopters found in conventional lenses. Reducing higher-order aberrations, combined with a more precise prescription delivers sharper vision in all conditions and reduces glare experienced when driving at night.

When purchasing digital lenses, it is important to purchase them from a professional eye doctor’s office that has an optician with the knowledge and experience required to properly fit digital lenses and use a prescription from an optometrist who is accustomed to prescribing digital lenses. Exact measurements (both the doctor’s prescription and the optician’s measurements) are necessary to provide the precision necessary to produce tailor-made lenses that will deliver true individualization of the lenses.

Are you a candidate for digital lenses?

Anyone who wears prescription eyeglass lenses is a candidate for digital lenses, especially individuals with higher prescriptions or astigmatism. Regardless of the prescription, most people who try digital lenses notice improved clarity and crisper vision. Few return to conventional, mass produced lenses, after wearing digital lenses.