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Digital Eyestrain Lenses

Digital hand-held devices, primarily smart phones, have become an integral part of work and leisure time activities. The vast majority of adults use digital devices throughout the day to access apps, check email, log onto social media accounts, text, and much more.

A Lens Designed For Your Digital Lifestyle

For many people, vision problems are caused by frequent use of smart phones and other hand-held digital devices. Up to 70% of adults in the United States suffer from symptoms of Digital Eye Strain. Symptoms include blurred vision, tired or dry eyes, headaches, neck strain or visual system fatigue.

To alleviate Digital Eye Strain there is now an all-day wear, digital lens from Zeiss specifically engineered for the digital lifestyle. Lenses with advanced technology to provide crisp, wide viewing and an area of digital power specifically calculated to provide comfortable viewing of digital hand-held devices.

To learn more about these innovative lenses, stop by either Artisan Optics location. Our expert opticians can answer questions and discuss the benefits of the Zeiss digital lens to reduce Digital Eye Strain.