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“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”

~ Rachel Zoe

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What does your eyewear say about you? Does it reflect your personality? Does it project the image you wish to convey? And most importantly, do you feel good about wearing your glasses? If not, it’s time to visit Artisan Optics.

Eyewear is a fashion accessory. Just like shoes, ties, belts or jewelry – everyone needs more than one pair of glasses. An easy rule of thumb to remember is to think of eyewear like shoes. When you choose a style of shoe to coordinate with an outfit, that’s the time to glance in the mirror and take a look at your eyewear. The style of eyewear, clothing and shoes should reflect a well coordinated, put together look that is appropriate for the occasion. The more congruent the overall look, the more fashionable, up to date and stylish you appear.

Eyewear is an especially important piece of your wardrobe. When you talk with someone you look them in the eye. You may notice their shoes when you approach them, but as you hold the conversation you are looking at their face and their glasses. When you video chat or conference with someone their glasses and the top of their shirt may be the only part of them you see. It is important that your eyewear is cohesive with the statement you make about yourself. With so many colors, materials, and styles to choose from it is easy to expand your eyewear wardrobe with Artisan Optics. Unsure of which glasses to choose? No worries, our opticians will help you find eyewear that fits you, your face, your personality and the occasion. Whether you start with a favorite color, material, shape, or are inspired by eyewear you have seen on television we are here to help.

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We understand that purchasing eyewear can be a daunting task for some…but it doesn’t have to be. At Artisan Optics, our opticians are specifically trained in both the technical aspect of eyewear selection as well as style and color analysis. This means we can offer you as much help as you’d like and discuss the technical considerations for your particular prescription.

When purchasing a new pair of glasses, there is much to consider. The three most important considerations are fit, form and function and it is always a good idea to have the assistance of a qualified optician.

Frame Fit

It takes the expert eye of a trained professional optician to correctly evaluate fit. Proper fit contributes to how well you will see out of your new glasses. A poor fit also means that the frame is likely to cause pressure or sore spots which can result in headaches or neck pain. A poor fit can also mean that the frame will not stay in position, or hold the adjustment, which can alter your vision. This too can cause blurry vision and headaches.

Frame Form

This is an important factor when considering the desired use and expectations of the individual. Proper frame selection is determined by both the prescription and the intended use. Consideration is given to the width of the frame, depth of the lens area, degree of frame front wrap, contour of the brow line, hinge construction and more. That’s why it is important to consult with an expert optician when choosing a frame.

Frame Function

This is different from frame form, as frame function is all about performance. Our expert opticians evaluate both the performance of the frame and the lenses with regard to end-result expectations. The frame and lenses are carefully selected to work in unison to provide optimum vision and day to day comfort. Even a doctor’s most accurate prescription can be compromised by making a poor frame choice or using the incorrect type of lens design.

Eyewear, frames and lenses, is a technologically advanced purchase even though much attention is given to selecting a flattering frame style. That’s why, at Artisan Optics, our opticians do the work for you. We help you choose a frame that flatters your face shape and skin tone, and we guide you through the process of lens selection. Our goal, as we work side by side with you, is to help you make an informed decision as you purchase your perfect pair of glasses.


The material used is the essence of the frame, essential to how the eyewear looks and feels. The materials used in the production of eyewear determine the weight, durability, and comfort of the frame. The core difference between a frame that is fortunate to have a lifespan of one to two years, versus a frame that will last many years and can easily be repurposed as your eyewear wardrobe grows. Materials are important considerations when selecting and comparing eyewear frames, and essential for people who contribute to a healthier earth through efforts to recycle and reduce waste by consuming durable, long lasting products.

Nothing enhances and brings life to state-of-the-art styling like the materials used. Materials are carefully selected by the eyewear design and engineering teams to create cutting-edge designs while delivering unsurpassed quality and comfort. During the production process, the eyewear artisans use techniques passed down from generation to generation to hand-craft eyewear they produce one piece at a time.