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Blac Eyewear

Blac Eyewear 3

The original carbon fiber eyewear frame

Carbon fiber is used to produce a wide range of performance products. And what's not to love? Carbon fiber has a high strength to weight ratio, is corrosion and fatigue resistant, and has good tensile strength but isn't brittle. The use of carbon fiber is closely associated with the aerospace industry, high-end golf clubs, race cars, and performance Blac brings carbon fiber to the world of eyewear.

Blac is an innovative eyewear collection, designed and produced at Bellinger House in Denmark. Their in-house process assures quality standards are met and the production process remains top secret. Afterall, other companies only plate (or coat) their frames with carbon fiber. Not Blac. Blac has the only patent to produce eyewear frames made of carbon fiber.

At Artisan Optics we are pleased to offer three very special eyewear collections from Blac.

The first is the Blac original carbon fiber frame – lightweight and unsurpassed strength. Blac uses a revolutionary process of carbon fiber reinforced with titanium – producing the world's first adjustable carbon fiber frame...with the patent to prove it!

Next is the Blac aluminum collection, featuring patented carbon fiber temples and anodized aluminum frame fronts to insure maximum strength and durability. The aluminum collection is also adjustable for custom fitting and comfort of wear.

And last, but not least is the Black Plus collection - featuring 3D printed polyamide frame fronts with the Blac signature titanium-reinforced carbon fiber temples. This particular collection boasts a sleek, industrial look – achieving extreme durability in a lightweight frame.

blac ss21 grid sunglasses and eyeglasses