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Alain Mikli Eyewear

AM21 le caméléon mikli par Alana OHerlihy social22 min

“My designs are just as much for seeing as being seen”

-Alain Mikli

ALAIN MIKLI (born Alain Mikiltarian) is a French designer of handmade eyeglasses and accessories. In 1978, ALAIN MIKLI opened his design studio in Paris. MIKLI’s designs are a favorite among European celebrities and avant-garde Americans.

At his unique parisian workshop, Alain Mikli and his team of skilled artisans develop over 300 models of frames each year. Only a handful are selected for market launch. From concept to each step in making the frames, absolutely everything is done by hand, without a single computer-aided application. Each model is the result of subtle gestures using traditional tools, refined details… and improvision…

The concept “to see with and to be seen in” always excites wearers of ALAIN MIKLI eye wear. Each piece is hand-made, and no two are identical. The technique uses a natural material made of wood and cotton. This insures individuality. Each piece having it’s own unique identity. ALAIN MIKLI creates the color palette for his collection, of which many colors are exclusive

Discover the Alain Mikli workshop’s special designs, frames to see as well as to be seen…

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