Kids today have a busier schedule than most adults. From school to after-school sports and weekend activities, children need more than one pair of glasses to fit their lifestyles.

Decoding your child's frame choice:
Young children (up to six-years-old) love color because it moves, energizes, and creates an experience for them. They see a rainbow of primary and tertiary hues--both warm and cool--often light-to-medium dark in value. Intuition drives them at this point. 

As kids grow up and hit their tweens (between early childhood and teenage years) their world expands even further. These young "digital" kids are influenced by the bright, more complicated colors and materials of technology--computer programs, video games, music videos, etc.

As these kids grow into their pre-teens, the color world adds more outside media influences. (Remember, kids feel the need to see, feel, touch, and experience the color personally as well.) "Pre-teens begin to create complicated palette requirements by taking on adult tastes."

A recent survey concluded that children think other kids with glasses look smarter
Young children tend to think that other kids with glasses look smarter than kids who don’t wear glasses, according to a new study. Children between the ages of 6 and 10 who were surveyed for the study also thought that kids wearing glasses looked more honest than children who don’t wear glasses. Otherwise, the survey suggested that children don’t tend to judge the attractiveness of their peers who wear glasses when asked about their appearance, potential as a playmate or likely athletic abilities.

The findings might give children some comfort when they are fitted with their first pair of eyeglasses, said lead study author Jeffrey Walline, assistant professor of optometry at Ohio State University. “If the impression of looking smarter will appeal to a child, I would use that information and tell the child it is based on research,” Walline said. “Most kids getting glasses for the first time are sensitive about how they’re going to look.” 


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