Many of us are heavily dependent on digital devices (computers, smartphones, tablets, etc), but our eyes may be suffering as a result. As we learn more about the effects of digital devices, we are discovering our eyes need protection from the inside out.

That's why the doctors at Artisan Optics recommend the clinically proven, ocular nutraceutical:
Screen Shield Pro (for adults) and Screen Shield Teen (for children ages 4-17) - products backed by 20 years of scientific research.

Screen Shield Pro is formulated to:

  • Protect eyes from the effects of screen time
  • Give eyes more of the essential nutrients they need to improve vision
  • Protect eyes naturally by creating lasting protection from the inside out
  • Reduce glare and light sensitivity
  • Make driving at night easier

Screen Shield Teen is a chewable tablet formulated to help reduce symptoms from digital device use in children:

  • 21% experience blurred vision
  • 41% experience headaches
  • 32% experience dry eyes
  • 39% experience eye strain
  • 56% experience tired eyes
  • 71% experience one or more of these symptoms


Are you ready to protect you and your children from the visual effects of screen time?
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