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Dry eye disease, also referred to as dry eye syndrome, affects up to 35% of the U.S. population and can be caused by a combination of factors.

Anyone can be affected. However, some individuals are at higher risk of developing dry eye:

  • Contact lens wearers
  • Increased computer, tablet, or smart phone use
  • Females
  • Individuals 50 years of age and older
  • Medication use
  • Some systemic conditions

Symptoms of dry eye syndrome can include:

  • Blurry vision
  • Contact lens discomfort
  • Red eyes
  • Sensation that something is in the eye
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Scratchy, stinging, or burning feeling

The eye doctors at Artisan Optics offer both testing and treatment of dry eye. Although treatment is specific to the type of dry eye, it is known that diet is a contributing factor of dry eye symptoms.

That's why our doctors recommend EZ Tears for individuals experiencing symptoms of dry eye syndrome. EZ Tears is a daily nutraceutical for dry eye and irritation with proven scientific results in:

  • OSDI (Ocular Surface Disease Index)
  • TBUT (tear break-up time)
  • Conjunctival and corneal staining
  • Lid inflammation
  • Tear meniscus height (used to estimate tear volume)


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