Effective treatment includes an individualized plan based on your diagnosis and severity of your dry eye condition to add tears, conserve tears, or increase tear production.​

We offer treatment with no side effects, lasting benefits, and immediate relief. Our doctors are accepting new patients and no referral is necessary


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Treatment can include any of the following individually or in combination:

Artificial tears, gels, ointments:

  • Preservative-free artificial tears. Doctor will prescribe which tears to use and how often. These products can be used throughout the day and are safe to use with contact lenses.
  • Preservative-free gels and ointments. Doctor will prescribe which gels or ointments to use and how often. These products are thicker than artificial tears, and remain on the surface of the eye longer. Often recommended for bedtime use.

Anti-inflammatory treatments:

There are a number of prescription anti-inflammatory medications available. If the underlying problem of dry eye is inflammation of the ocular surface, doctor will prescribe specific medications.

Punctal plugs:

A painless procedure in which punctal plugs (small biocompatible inserts) are placed in the tear ducts to block tear drainage. This increases the tear volume (quantity of tears) on the eyes.

Contact lens wear:

If you wear contact lenses, doctor will discuss recommended type of contact lens as well as wearing schedule.

Eyelid hygiene:

Doctor will evaluate the eyelids and eyelashes to determine if an eyelid hygiene regimen would be beneficial.

Warm compresses:

There are two types of warm compresses – wet and dry. If warm compresses are prescribed, doctor will discuss which type of compress to use, temperature setting, as well as frequency and length of treatment.

Treatment of meibomian gland dysfunction:

If the cause of dry eye is determined to be meibomian gland dysfunction, doctor will prescribe an in-office treatment procedure to help preserve remaining meibomian glands and encourage tear production.

At Artisan Optics our goal is to achieve long-term results utilizing a range of diagnostic tools and state-of-the-art treatment to provide the most effective care possible. .

If you are experiencing dry eye symptoms, call our office to schedule a dry eye evaluation.