We're always looking for motivated, experienced, professionals to join the Artisan Optics team. We're especially interested if you share our dedication and passion for the world of optics and all that encompasses, if you:

  • provide exceptional customer service
  • treat all customers with kindness and respect
  • utilize the latest technology to provide advanced patient care
  • demand excellence in all services and products offered
  • complete advanced training courses and continually work to improve technical abilities
  • share the Artisan Optics team philosophy

The Artisan Optics Team Philosophy

Artisan Optics is dedicated to serving our clients with only the highest level of quality care and the finest products available.  We do not accept "average" or "status quo".  We strive to provide exceptional products and services, offer each individual patient treatment and product options specific to them.  Generic solutions are something we shun. Each decision and every action by members of our team is directed toward the goal of customized solutions.

We believe that our clients begin as welcomed guests and become friends -- without them we would not be employed, and without their friendship and support we would not enjoy referrals. We place great importance on remembering our clients and treating them with courtesy, fairness and respect.  We value their patronage and appreciate their business.

We believe that our team members are the heart of our practice. The qualities, which they convey to our clients, have an impact one hundred times greater than our office decor, our building, or our equipment.  Our team members are Artisan Optics.  

We believe that there should be zero tolerance for rudeness by members of our team. When assissting our clients, the ability to remain cheerful under pressure is as equally important as attaining the highest level of technical skill.  When working alongside team members, there is zero tolerance for unacceptance or office politics.  We believe in a harmonious work environment, created by individuals from different backgrounds and beliefs joining together to provide a level of care and service for our clients that is quite uncommon and memorable.

It is our desire to have only team members who will work together with a sincere spirit of cooperation and teamwork. We believe this is a key ingredient not only in the success of Artisan Optics but in promoting a pleasant and rewarding work environment for all of us.

If you're interested in being considered for a position with Artisan Optics, please email your résumé with cover letter to

Or, you can mail your résumé with cover letter to:

Artisan Optics
Attn: Recruiting
7960 W. Rifleman St., #150
Boise, ID 83704

Please indicate the specific position you are applying for either in the email subject line, and/or in your cover letter. If sending in a general application, please indicate as such.

Lastly, we work very hard to minimize our impact on the environment. We strongly believe that one person's actions can make a difference in the health of our environment. In keeping with these values, we'd appreciate sensitivity to environmental concerns in the preparation of your résumé materials. Please be environmentally responsible in the presentation of your information.

Thank you for your interest in Artisan Optics.