Our Downtown location is located at the corner of 8th Street and Idaho Street, in the heart of Downtown Boise. This location is convenient for anyone who works or lives downtown because it is just a short walk away. For those who choose to drive to our Downtown location there is plenty of parking to choose from. If you are stopping by to pick up your new pair of glasses there is street parking outside our door and the first 20 minutes are free. If you are coming in for your eye exam or to pick out that perfect pair of glasses there are a number of parking garages and the first hour of parking is free.

Great For Professionals

Artisan Optics Downtown is the perfect fit for anyone who works downtown. Walk to your appointment during a break in your day or during your lunch hour. This allows you to save your evening for a bike ride, time with family, or whatever you enjoy doing in your free time.

Your Eyewear Wardrobe

Remember when you were a kid and had one pair of shoes for everything? Imagine if you had to choose one pair of shoes for everything you do now. Would you choose to wear hiking shoes with your suit? Or would it be heels while you hike the foothills? You dress for the occasion; whether it is work, the gym, or a relaxing Saturday. Just like the rest of your wardrobe, your glasses should fit the occasion.


Our doctors take the time to understand your visual requirements for work, hobbies, sports, and leisure activities. A recent survey by Leibniz Research Centre found that 63% of people are unhappy with their lenses at the workplace. This is in large part because they do not have the correct lens for the job (like wearing your ski boots for a 5K run). At Artisan Optics we offer lenses designed specifically for the workplace. Not all work spaces are the same, which is why one lens is designed for someone who spends the day on the computer while another is designed for someone who is up and moving around the office while checking email on their phone. Having the right lenses in the right frame can relieve headaches, neck aches, eyestrain and fatigue. Our doctors and opticians will work with you to determine which lens best suits the visual demands of your work day.


Artisan Optics Downtown offers eyewear from around the world. With frame lines from France, Belgium, Denmark, Germany and here in the US, you are sure to find something that catches your eye. We will work with you to find eyewear that fits your style and the occasion. From polished and professional to colorful and unique, we can help find your next pair of glasses. The eyewear at Artisan Optics is handmade from high quality materials, such as titanium or acetate. This makes your next pair of glasses not only beautiful, but lightweight, comfortable and durable as well. With a constantly changing selection you never know what you will find the next time you stop in at our Downtown location.

Contact Lens Wearers

You may prefer to wear contact lenses throughout the day rather than glasses. Our doctors fit a variety of contact lenses including:


Daily Replacement – Instead of throwing away your lenses every two weeks or every month, daily contact lenses allow you to put in a fresh new pair of contacts every day. Daily contacts can be more comfortable, clear, and safe.


Contacts for Astigmatism – If you still think that you cannot wear contacts because of astigmatism, think again. Most people with astigmatism are very successful contact lens wearers when an experienced doctor fits the right lens for your eye.


Multifocal Contacts – These contacts allow you to see clearly at both distance and near because they have a built-in reading component. These contacts allow people who need bifocals or readers to be successful contact lens wearers even after their 40th birthday.


Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) Contacts – Often called “hard contact lenses”, RGPs are an excellent choice for those who cannot get clear vision with “soft contact lenses”.


Scleral Contacts – These specialty lenses are used by our doctors to provide clear vision for people with corneal conditions such as keratoconus.

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