Community Education / Media

How can we be of service?

The Artisan Optics' team of professionals serve as a community resource dedicated to providing information and education for:

  • the general public
  • local organizations, groups
  • educators
  • parents
  • coaches
  • athletes
  • service providers (OT, PT, Speech, Rehabilitation)
  • professional associations
  • media (television, radio, magazine and newspaper)

Our doctors are adjunct professors at Southern California College of Optometry, routinely speak at local and regional events for educators, parents and professional groups, as well as speaking at educational meetings for optometrists.



Susan K Devine, OT/L, OVT

Educational topics include:

  •      developmental vision
  •      ocular health
  •      vision rehabilitation
  •      sports vision
  •      visual-sensory integration
  •      processing speed / working memory deficits
  •      visually related learning difficulties
  •      effects of 3D in the classroom
  •      computer vision syndrome (at home and in the workplace)
  •      LASIK


Our presentations can be held in a variety of formats and customized for you:

  • guest speaker
  • keynote speaker
  • Power Point presentation 
  • round table discussion

Please give me a call to discuss the type of presentation and information desired. I am happy to work with you to create a customized, targeted presentation for you and your group.

Community Education / Media Contact: Lynda Johnson

Office Telephone: 208.377.8899



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