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The LASIK surgeon at Artisan Optics Boise Idaho will help you prepare for your LASIK surgery


For most of us, as we think about LASIK the first thing that comes to mind is being able to see clearly without using glasses or contact lenses. We think about waking up in the morning and being able to see our alarm clock; or the joy of being able to see when swimming; or perhaps the thought of being able to wear any style of sunglass we choose. While all of this is very exciting, it is important to remember that proper preparation is the first step to having the vision we hope for after LASIK.


Custom LASIK available at Artisan Optics Boise Idaho


The first step in preparing for LASIK is a LASIK consultation. This is also sometimes called a LASIK screening. These visits are usually free of charge and used to determine if you are a candidate for LASIK. There is no need to discontinue wearing contact lenses ahead of this appointment. Remember, this is a LASIK screening not an actual LASIK pre-operative examination.


During a free LASIK consultation you can expect to:

  • Provide a complete medical history, including a list of current medications (both prescription and over the counter).

    A complete medical history and list of current medications will help your doctor evaluate any conditions or medications that may disqualify you as a candidate for LASIK.

  • Discuss your lifestyle (occupation, hobbies, sports activities).

    Lifestyle is an important consideration and should not be overlooked. For example, an accountant will have very different visual demands as compared to a pilot; someone whose hobby is gardening will have very different visual demands than someone who is an avid golfer.

  • Have an Orbscan and Wavescan

    An Orbscan is a computerized scan to determine the exact topography and shape of the cornea as also measures the thickness of the cornea. The Orbscan computes all of these measurements and displays them as a colored, topographical map.

    A Wavescan is also referred to as a Custom Wavefront Analysis. A Custom Wavefront Analysis is very important in measuring high-order aberrations. High-order aberrations cause symptoms such as decreased night vision, glare and halos around lights. Using a Custom Wavefront Analysis, high-order aberrations can be corrected during a Custom LASIK procedure.

  • Discuss which type of LASIK procedure you may be a candidate.

    There are traditional LASIK procedures, bladeless LASIK procedures, custom LASIK procedures, traditional PRK procedures and custom PRK procedures. A free LASIK consultation is the only way to know which procedure is recommended for you.

  • Discuss costs associated with LASIK.

    LASIK prices vary based on the specific type of procedure. For instance, you should expect to pay more for custom bladeless LASIK as compared to traditional PRK. LASIK technologies vary, so it is important to ask questions so you know exactly which type of procedure is being recommended and why.

Schedule a free LASIK consultation screening at Artisan Optics Boise Idaho


In Preparation for your pre-operative exam:

Following your free LASIK consultation, you will schedule your pre-operative examination. In preparation for your pre-operative LASIK examination you will need to discontinue contact lens wear. Here are some guidelines to help you with planning:

  • Do not sleep in your contact lenses for at least 4 weeks prior to your pre-operative examination

  • Soft contact lenses, make the switch to glasses 2 weeks prior to your LASIK pre-operative examination.

  • Gas permeable contact lenses require making the switch to glasses (or soft contact lenses if possible) several months prior to the LASIK pre-operative examination. It is also important to monitor your vision every 30 days as you transition from gas permeable contact lenses.


Following your LASIK pre-operative exam you will continue to wear glasses, it is important to more contact lenses, not even for special occasions or workouts at the gym. Keep in mind this is part of the preparation for a successful LASIK outcome.


On the day of the procedure:

  • Do not use beauty products. Avoid makeup, perfume, lotions, cologne or aftershave.

  • Avoid caffeine and alcoholic beverages. Drink lots of water.

  • Eat a light meal or snack before you arrive for your LASIK procedure so you are not hungry during or after the procedure.

  • Dress comfortably. Wear warm, layered clothing. The temperature in the LASIK suite is typically about 68 degrees. After your LASIK procedure and once you return home you may feel like sleeping. So it is nice to wear clothing you feel comfortable sleeping in.

  • Bring your eye drops with you. The eye drops include antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and re-wetting drops.

  • Have someone drive you. You will not be allowed to drive home following your LASIK procedure.


Proper preparation and following the doctor's instructions will help you achieve the best vision possible following LASIK. The information provided was to help you better prepare for a successful LASIK procedure. If you would like to schedule a free LASIK consultation, or if you have questions, please give us a call at Artisan Optics in Boise, Idaho. Our phone number is 208-377-8899.


Your LASIK surgery will be safe and easy with proper preparation at Artisan Optics Boise Idaho


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