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Receive professional help choosing your perfect eyeglass frame at Artisan Optics in Boise Idaho


At Artisan Optics we help you find what you've been looking for...the perfect pair of glasses. We believe there's no reason to settle for eyewear that you feel ho hum about. And we know that for some, the idea of shopping for new glasses is overwhelming and stressful. That's where Artisan Optics comes to the rescue!


Choosing eyewear at Artisan Optics in Boise Idaho is a fun experience


We invite you to take the stress and guess work out of shopping for new glasses. Let our expert opticians help with a personal styling appointment. Your appointment begins with a “get to know you, meet and greet”. It is important that we understand what you desire in a new pair of glasses. For instance, do you have an upcoming special event? Are you interested in a replacement pair of glasses or are you expanding your eyewear wardrobe? From there we review your prescription and discuss lens options, which influence frame choices. Next we move on to color and face shape. With all of this information in hand, we are ready to begin the exciting next step of frame recommendations.


Frame recommendation is something new for many people who visit Artisan Optics for the first time. For a lot of eyewear shoppers they are accustomed to the self-serve approach. Wandering through an optical store, looking at a lot of frames that all appear somewhat similar, and hoping something catches their attention. Finally, with a frame in hand they take a selfie and text the picture to a friend or family member. When the “that looks ok” message comes back, the process starts all over again. Not at Artisan Optics! We are by your side every step of the way. We point out subtle detailing differences, fitting considerations, the nuances in color tones, and offer an honest, professional opinion. It truly is like shopping with a friend.


We've built our reputation on expert frame selection - something we take very seriously. That's why each and every frame we have in store has been hand picked. That's right – no corporate office here and no inventory auto-ships. Our frame buyer puts together a customized mixture of frame shapes and a collection of frames that offer a variety of production techniques. You'll also find a wide array of color and texture choices. All of this culminates as a reflection of the Artisan Optics culture – which is to offer Idaho's best selection of eyewear.


The personal eyewear styling approach that we use at Artisan Optics allows us to utilize techniques to enhance desirable facial features, while minimizing other facial features. Eyewear, for both men and women, is a lot like using make-up. Eyewear can be used to accentuate our best features. For instance, a low bridge can make a long nose appear shorter and more in proportion to other facial features, while a semi-rimless frame can balance a prominent lower jaw line and soften overall appearance.


It is important to remember that historically the eyewear industry has relied on the face shape rule. Many mass retailers and inexperienced opticians still rely on this method. While this approach can provide a good foundation from which to work, we feel there are so many innovative frame shapes that it seems antiquated to limit options. Nowadays there are frame designers adding subtle enhancements to what was once considered a standard shape and creating a brand new look. From our perspective we have to ask “why limit the possibilities”? It's all about selecting eyewear that creates a fantastic look for the wearer. A look that reflects their personality and that they feel good about wearing. After all, why wear glasses that you only feel ho hum about?


Another important factor to frame selection, and something the opticians at Artisan Optics evaluate during frame selection, is the fit. Even if you find a frame you think you love, you won't love it for very long if it doesn't fit well. Frame fit affects comfort as well as lens performance. If the eye doesn't position correctly in the frame, or measurements are incorrect, it affects vision through the lenses. This can be frustrating. The wearer “feels like something is wrong” with the lenses. They return to the optical store only to be told that the prescription checks out just fine, “your doctor must have gotten the prescription wrong”. Then its back to the eye doctor only to be told that the prescription is correct. This is not as uncommon as you may think, and it all comes back to frame fit, proper lens selection, and proper measurements by the optician. That's why the opticians at Artisan Optics are so meticulous in frame and lens selection, and proper measurements.


So, the next time you head out to purchase new glasses be sure to stop by Artisan Optics. You'll appreciate the individualized attention combined with the expertise of experienced, professional opticians. We invite you to experience a different way to shop for eyewear. Artisan Optics – where personal eyewear styling is always complimentary.


Schedule your professional styling appointment today at Artisan Optics in Boise Idaho

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