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It's that time of the year. Ghosts, goblins, and good fairy princesses will show up at your door step for the annual tradition of trick or treat. Have you ever felt like shopping for new glasses is a lot like Halloween?


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Think about it for a moment. As you go door to door, from one eye doctors office to another, in search of a new pair of glasses isn't it reminiscent of days gone by when you went door to door in hopes of getting your favorite candy? We think so, and would like to share some useful tips on how walk away with treats rather than tricks the next time you shop for new glasses.


Start your eyeglass shopping with a goal in mind but without limiting your options. In other words it is a good idea to know if your primary shopping goal is to purchase an everyday pair of glasses, a pair of sunglasses, or a work / hobby specific pair of glasses. Are you planning on using these glasses for work? If so, is a polished professional appearance more desirable? Or are you looking for a more casual or weekend look? Knowing what you're looking for is the first step and will allow the optician helping you present better options. However, even though having a goal in mind is an important first step, we encourage you to shop with an open mind. Try on shapes and colors that you wouldn't normally wear – explore and branch out beyond your usual comfort zone. Who knows, you may come across a better option than what you usually wear.


Have your prescription in hand when you head out to shop. An experienced and well trained optician will ask about your prescription before you begin looking at eyeglass frames. Why? Because not all frames can accommodate all prescriptions or all lens materials. Many eyeglass frames incorporate advanced engineering and state-of-the-art technology, which means they are designed to be paired with a designated prescription range and specific lens materials. When your prescription is paired with the correct frame (engineering and shape) and lens (design and material) you will enjoy your purchase and view your new glasses as a treat. If not, you will be disappointed in your purchase and likely feel tricked.


So you're ready to begin shopping for your new pair of glasses. You have your prescription in hand and you know what you want in a new pair of glasses. Where do you begin? Keep in mind that eyeglasses are like every other product – you will get what you pay for. So in addition to having your prescription in hand and knowing what you're going to be using your new glasses for (work, play, computer use, sunglasses), it is also a good idea to be honest about your performance expectations of your new glasses. Do you consider yourself frugal, and willing to put up with a frame that is a bit uncomfortable or a lens that doesn't work quite right as long as you can save some money? Or are you someone who doesn't mind spending a bit more to get a higher quality, better performing product? These are important questions to ask yourself before you head out to shop. You will come across frames and lenses that are bargain basement seconds and discontinued products, and others that are the latest technology and far superior products. Prices will vary and reflect the differences in quality for both frames and lenses. It is important that you determine the true value you desire. Otherwise you will feel either tricked or treated with your new glasses.


Another important point, think of yourself as a diamond in the rough when it comes to shopping for eyeglasses. You have the potential to make a good purchase decision, but you may lack the talent or training to do so. That's where an experienced, qualified optician comes in. As you shop you will discover opticians who are good fairy princesses (they know their stuff and are happy to educate) and others who are goblins (newer to the field and lack experience). This is where the trick or treat part of shopping for eyeglasses comes in. A good optician can provide the input necessary for you to make an educated purchase decision – a treat. A poor optician can sell you a pair of glasses that may or may not meet your needs – a trick.


Wherever you live you can probably name the place in town that is known for selling quality frames and lenses. You can also probably name where you would go if you were looking for the cheapest pair of glasses in town. Don't assume that you can't afford to shop “at the good place”. Customers usually find that they get a bigger bang for their buck with higher quality products. Simply put, quality products last longer and are more enjoyable to use. When you consider that most of us wear our glasses everyday, day in and day out, comfort and performance typically overrides saving a few dollars over the course of a year or two. And be sure to ask about Care Credit. Care Credit allows you to finance your purchase over 6 months up to a year at 0% interest. For many people this means they can buy what they really want with low monthly payments.


As you shop for your new eyeglasses we wish you only treats and no tricks. We also invite you to shop either of our Artisan Optics locations in Boise, Idaho. You will find we have an extensive product selection and our experienced opticians can help you with frame and lens selection based on your prescription and style preferences. Stop by. You'll be glad you did.


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