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Eyewear is a unique combination of style and fashion fused with the technical component of prescription lenses. This is where the smaller design houses have the advantage over the big conglomerates. The designers at the smaller, and often times independently owned, design houses are allowed the freedom and time necessary to create eyewear frames with a specific wearer in mind. They are not forced to create a frame style only to have the conglomerate produce it in 3 or 4 different sizes.


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A good designer knows that if you change the size, you change the proportions and technical aspects of the frame. Keep in mind there's really no need to compromise. Beyond the big box stores offering only mass produced generic eyewear frames, there's a whole world of fabulous eyewear waiting to be discovered.


In this blog we're going to take a look at one of these very special companies, Bevel. An independent eyewear company that made its debut in 1999 by offering eyewear frames made specifically for petite men and women. Those individuals who want to wear adult style frames that flatter the smaller face. People who look in the mirror and know the kids frame they are wearing just isn't their personal style. After all, who can take a professional seriously when they're wearing a frame in a color like grape soda or Batman blue?


Bevel is one of very few U.S. eyewear companies. Headquartered in Kansas City, Bevel is rooted in American culture. One of the founders, Rick, was born and raised in suburban Kansas City. While the other founder, Richard, is English and brings an international influence to the team. Both worked as opticians prior to founding Bevel, and recognized that adults with smaller faces had limited choices when it came eyewear. They set out with a mission in mind...a commitment to make quality eyewear for petite people. That tradition continues today.


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An easy to wear style for the petite lady is the Titanium Chef. Don't be fooled by its small size. The shape and style says adult all the way. This particular frame is available in colors that are sure to please. Colors that compliment female wardrobe palettes like granite/purple, royal blue/ice blue and eggplant/soft pink are among the offerings.


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This next style, the Malarkey, is well suited for both men and women. Individuals who pride themselves on being up-to-date. The eyewear shape sweeping across Europe and coming to the shores of America is round. The Malarkey captures the moment by being “not quite round” in an easy to wear modern shape. Again, a child size frame for the professional adult. You'll find the Malarkey in warm grey/cool grey, cafe/pale taupe, marine blue/stone grey and others.


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If metal frames aren't your style, check out the Banjaxed. This is a very small fit for people with very narrow faces. Bevel puts a new twist on a classic by offering colors such as tusk matte, olive green matte, black/horn matte and smoke crystal matte. This particular frame offers the ever popular, timeless styling of the horn rimmed look but scales it down with proportions that are more suitable for petite people.


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Are you a woman looking for more of a statement piece? Look no further than the Hedy. This is a sleek petite women's shape that reflects the essence of Bevel. Adult, but fun loving. The Hedy is small but makes a mighty statement in colors that are sure to please. Checkout the Hedy in orchid/royal blue, violet/magenta, or sky blue swirl. A little too much color? The Hedy is also available in black/horn and brown mint for those who want to take it down a notch.


We've spotlighted just a few of the petite eyewear frames from Bevel. There are many more to choose from. Which is why we know there is sure to be a shape, style and color that is just right for you.


Here at Artisan Optics, we believe choosing eyewear is too important to settle for “ok”. There's no need to settle for poorly fitting, poor performing, unflattering eyewear frames. We can help! At Artisan Optics we do the homework so you don't have to. We offer an assortment of frame lines that aren't made for the masses, avoiding a “one style fits all” mentality. Instead we hand select every frame we offer. Carefully evaluating quality, fit and style; creating an inventory of diverse products. That's why at Artisan Optics you'll find frames for small faces, wide faces, narrow bridges, wide bridges, etc. When we say - we have what you're looking for - we mean it.


We invite you to stop by either Artisan Optics location in Boise, Idaho. You never need an appointment to shop for new glasses, and our expert opticians are happy to help you find that perfect pair of glasses or sunglasses. Not only can our opticians offer professional guidance on frame selection, they have been trained and certified by Zeiss to fit you with the correct Zeiss lens based on your prescription and lifestyle demands. What are you waiting for? Stop by and experience the Artisan Optics difference. You'll be glad you did.

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