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Computers, love them or hate them they are part of our lives. We work on them, play on them, communicate with them and even read on them. In this day in age, computers or digital devices are a large part of most people's daily routine. Whether it be a smart phone, laptop, desktop or tablet, most find themselves using some kind of digital device at some point throughout the day or in many cases all day. Many find themselves in need of a pair of glasses to help with computer work. Some may run to the dollar store and buy an over-the-counter reading glass for this, but is this the best option?

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Over the counter reading glasses may be an easy go to, but there are many draw backs to these glasses as computer glasses. First and foremost, over the counter readers are a single prescription designed for one focal distance...reading distance, which is a standard distance of 16” to 18” for adults. Most people sit farther away from their computer screens than the reading distance of 16” to 18” which makes over the counter readers a poor choice. In addition, many people now work using multiple monitors which are positioned at different distances within the work area. This means a different pair of readers would be required for each monitor – which is impractical. These issues don't take into account those people who have prescriptions that include astigmatism (over the counter readers do not include correction for astigmatism) or prescriptions for people who have different prescriptions in each eye (over the counter readers are limited to the same prescription in both lenses). In addition, over the counter readers are made of lower quality materials to kept costs low, and few include anti-glare coatings which are used to reduce glare from digital devices.

There is a solution to this conundrum, the Zeiss Book lens, this is part of the Zeiss' office suite of lenses. The Book lens is a specific type of progressive lens that puts and emphasis on near vision. Unlike a traditional progressive lens, where you would feel the need to tilt your head back to use the intermediate range on the lens (computer distance), the Book lens uses a specific type of progressive technology that positions the intermediate range directly in front of the eye. When using the Zeiss Book lens, you are able to look straight ahead like a single vision lens to see the computer and then use your natural reading progression toward the bottom of the lens for reading.

Computer technology has made tremendous advances over recent years, and so has Zeiss digital technology. The Zeiss Book lens allows for quick and seamless changes in focal distance – replicating natural vision. This is especially important if you are someone who uses a computer or digital device regularly throughout the day. When the eyes can't keep up with the demand – eye strain, headaches, and eye fatigue are common occurrences. Why be uncomfortable and suffer through the day when there is a solution? There are specific lenses designed by Zeiss to address the unique needs of computer and digital device users. Each type of lens has been developed to address the varying visual requirements of different work environments.

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