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Welcome to Artisan Optics, where you will find a professional, friendly staff dedicated to providing exceptional care for your whole family. Ideally, its more convenient to find one office that can care for the entire family; where the doctors have the specialized training, experience, and expertise to diagnose and treat each individual family member and provide the specialized care they each deserve.  That's Artisan Optics!

At Artisan Optics we enjoy getting to know you.  Do you work on the computer all day?  Do you spend your days outdoors?  Are you a doctor or nurse who charts using a laptop?  What kinds of recreational activities do you participate in?  Getting to know you, and how you use your eyes, allows us to help you make informed decisions about your care.

Special consideration should be given if you have children in the family, if family members frequently use the computer, if someone in your family is becoming presbyopic (need reading glasses), or someone in the family is considering laser vision correction (LASIK). If you wear contact lenses you'll love our on-line ordering service!  Purchase contact lenses at near wholesale prices and when you order by 5:00pm your lenses are guaranteed to ship same day!


Our Doctors Can Care For You And Your Whole Family

While all of our doctors perform comprehensive eye examinations and fit contact lenses, they all have areas of specialty within optometry. The doctors at Artisan Optics are specialists in pediatric vision, hard-to-fit contact lenses (multi-focal, keratoconus, RGP's, and toric contact lenses), computer vision syndromeocular disease, drug interactions and ocular side effects, developmental vision, and laser vision correction

We invite you to meet our doctors and find the best fit for each member of your family. 

Pre- and Post-Operative Care
Comprehensive Optometry

With more than 20 years of experience co-managing refractive surgery, such as LASIK, Dr. Johnson will help you decide if LASIK is right for you.  Dr. Johnson also works with difficult to fit contact lenses when surgery is not advised.

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Pediatrics & Special Needs
Acute Care (Infection/Minor Emergencies)

Jill Kronberg, OD, FAAO is Idaho's first residency-trained pediatric optometrist.  She has both the knowledge and experience to care for infants, toddlers, children of all ages, and people with special needs. Her exams are tailored to the age, and abilities, of the patient.

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Binocular Vision / Vision Therapy
Acquired Brain Injury

Ryan Johnson, OD, FAAO is Idaho's only optometrist with residency training in binocular vision, neuro-optometry, and vision therapy.  He specializes in vision-related learning difficulties, sports vision, and acquired brain injury.

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Video: What to Expect During an Eye Exam

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Same Day Appointments Available

Several types of eye exams are available at Artisan Optics, including:

In addition to eye examinations, Artisan Optics also offers several specialty services, including:

  • Neuro-Optometric Assessments for those with acquired brain injury
  • Athlete Vision Assessments for athletes of all ability levels who want to maximize visual performance during sports
  • Binocular Vision Assessments for those with eye teaming difficulties (strabismus, amblyopia, convergence insufficiency, accommodative insufficiency, etc), visual perceptual deficits, or vision-related learning challenges
  • Vision Therapy to re-train the neuromuscular system to improve binocular vision skills, visual perceptual skills, and visual processing skills
  • Dry Eye Treatment to deliver a scientific approach to diagnoses and management of dry eye disease
  • Diagnostic Imaging to provide patients with earlier diagnosis and intervention for the most common eye diseases, including: diabetic retinopathy, diabetic hypertension, glaucoma, and other diseases of the eye
  • Ocular Disease Management for both acute eye infections or injuries as well as management of chronic eye conditions




Artisan Optics is a full-service eye care provider, offering a range of general optometry and surgical treatments. In addition to comprehensive eye examinations, our physicians perform LASIK surgery in Meridian / Boise, as well as PRK and monovision. Contact our practice today to learn more.


Other Services Offered by Artisan Optics