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See the difference. Not the smudges. We offer  premium anti-glare coatings. Our coatings are highly resistant to smudges of all kinds, easier to clean, and significantly more scratch resistant than "old technology" coatings. So, when it comes to durability, our coatings are #1. They are designed to resist scratches, repel dirt and withstand environmental conditions.

You'll notice another big difference with our coatings -- color. Unlike other anti-glare lenses, ours do not diminish color in any way. The glare from headlights, street lights and computers is reduced by up to 90 percent. The color, however, remains vibrant and true.

Zeiss Anti-Glare Treatment:

With almost 70 years of experience perfecting anti-glare treatments, ZEISS delivers a superior product. The ZEISS premium anti-glare treatment provides easy-to-clean, extremely scratch-resistant lenses.

Carl Zeiss anti-glare treatment available at Artisan Optics in Boise, IdahoWith ZEISS anti-glare treatment you will experience the most precise, crisp and clear natural vision in a brilliance that is not possible with untreated lenses. Individually, the treatment components have set industry standards, and are considered to be the most reliable and durable anti-glare products available on the market today. ZEISS anti-glare treatment makes your lenses six times stronger than uncoated lenses – making them harder to scratch. The ZEISS treatment seals your lenses to help repel dirt and grease, and makes it easier to clean the lenses without smudging. Cleaner lenses mean clearer vision.