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Reducing Our Footprint

At Artisan Optics we strive to be environmentally responsible, making changes in the way we do business, exploring ways to reduce our environmental footprint and eliminating actions that negatively impact the health of our planet.  We have reduced the consumption of paper products and printer cartridges by two-thirds at each of our locations; along with excessive use of pens, notepads, post it notes, etc.

FACT:  Americans each use 741 pounds of paper products each year, according to the National Resources Defense Council.  Think of what the average business uses!

Here at Artisan Optics we converted all patient records from old-fashioned, paper charts to electronic patient files. This eliminated the need for file folders, labels, and the multiple forms contained within a traditional paper chart.  We did this ahead of the mandated Health Care Reform Act, and as a statement of our commitment to a cleaner environment and less waste.  This philosophy guides our decisions about which companies we choose to do business with.  We scrutinize frame materials and production techniques; and lens manufacturing as well as lens processing systems.  Here at Artisan Optics we believe that we really do have an impact on the environment, and we have the responsiblity to make every effort possible to protect our environment...both locally and globally.        

We discontinued the standard practice of mailing out appointment reminder postcards. We use email and text messaging instead.

Many of our frame manufacturers use recyclable materials. ALUX eyewear is made of 100% recyclable aluminum. Our natural horn eyewear is carved from found horns of Asian water buffalo and African cattle. This environmentally friendly manufacturing process goes one step further and all excess shavings and waste from production are used as a natural plant fertilizer.

Artisan Optics helped reduce fossil fuel consumption by converting to online contact lens ordering for our customers.  We no longer have multiple customers driving to our offices each day simply to pick up their contact lenses. And because our customers purchase contact lenses online at greatly reduced prices, the majority of our customers now purchase greater quantities of contacts delivered to their doorstep. This further reduces the frequency of deliveries thus reducing the consumption of fossil fuel.