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In the past, we referred to them as spectacles, eyeglasses, or simply glasses.  Today, with influence from the fashion industry, function and fashion have fused.  The line between a functional medical device and a fashion accessory has been forever blurred (no pun intended).  As a result, eyewear emerged as a true accessory – assuming its place alongside the ranks of shoes, ties, belts and jewelry.


Today, savvy consumers use eyewear to create their own personal style – understanding that size, fit, shape and color are serious considerations.  Choose the right eyewear and the desired “look” comes together – it becomes an extension of the wearer – naturally flattering.  Choose the wrong eyewear and become doomed to boldly displaying the blunder each time it is worn – unnatural and unflattering.  That’s why it is important to use the services of a professional, highly trained optician when you’re ready to purchase eyewear. Don’t settle for help from your eye doctor’s assistant, or someone who thought selling glasses would be more fun than waiting tables.  Nowadays eyewear is much too technical to leave to chance.

Artisan Optics | When You Want To Look and See Your Best

At Artisan Optics our skilled opticians are here to help.  Navigating the array of eyewear shapes, sizes, materials, and color palettes can be overwhelming.  In addition, the specific prescription and desired use must be taken into consideration.  Let us help you make an informed, educated decision the next time you’re ready to purchase eyewear.  At Artisan Optics there’s no need to compromise how well you see in an effort to look your best in eyewear.  Our eyewear selection offers an impressive variety of frame shapes, sizes and colors.  Our lens selection provides state-of-the-art technology for better vision, whatever the use may be - everyday, work, sports, digital displays or hobbies.   


When it comes to eyewear, it’s all in the details.  Remember – comfort trumps all.  Three important considerations when it comes to comfort: Look for eyewear that is well constructed, produced using quality materials, and the weight of the frame is nicely balanced.  You will pay a bit more for quality, but the eyewear will last longer and be much more enjoyable to wear.


Think outside the box when it comes to color.  Selecting the right color hue adds versatility and style to your wardrobe.  Don’t get stuck in a rut of wearing black or brown frames – try a dark red, orange, gray or blue to complement any outfit.  Look for rich color tones that add depth to the frame.  A word of caution, companies producing cheaper, lower quality frames can’t replicate the color hues or color combinations found in higher quality frames.  Color is essential to the overall look of the frame, and an investment worth making as you build your eyewear wardrobe.


Consider exploring material options and resist the temptation to wear the same type of frame you’ve always worn.  Acetate has been, and continues to be, a dominant force in eyewear.  However, advancements in manufacturing techniques now make it possible to produce ultra thin, lightweight acetate frames.  In addition, combinations of acetate and metal provide the look of an acetate frame with the lighter weight comfort of a metal frame.  Metal frames are making a come back.  Gone, however, are the traditional metal options.  Metal frames are bringing life to electrifying colors and exquisite two-tone color combinations - making metal frames a serious consideration for eyewear buyers.  The demand for color is also found in today’s drill mount (totally rimless frames) selection.  Today’s consumer can customize their drill mount eyewear – choosing from an array of beautiful colors, temple styles and lens shapes that add style and elegance to the minimalistic look.


At Artisan Optics we don’t offer poor quality, lackluster eyewear – believing this is an insult to today’s educated consumer.  Instead we offer quality eyewear that our customers enjoy wearing; eyewear that will last and become part of an ever growing eyewear wardrobe; and a commitment to help each customer invest wisely with each eyewear purchase.


When you’re ready for a new kind of eyewear experience, stop by either Artisan Optics location.  You’ll be glad you did.